Interview with Ulrik Årdal Zurcher

January 18, 2017

We want you to learn a bit more about how it is to work at Beringer Finance and asked Ulrik Årdal Zurcher, who works in research in our Oslo office about his job.

How long have you worked at Beringer Finance?
– If you include Fondsfinans before the merger – two years.

You work with Equity Research, what is most challenging/exciting about your job?
– The mix of skills you need to succeed. Your grasp of hard sciences should be that of an engineer, business understanding that of a consultant, and you should be able to articulate your insights like a lawyer.
You can always get better and learn more. It is a constant strive towards seeing things differently so you add value. Very challenging and very exciting.

What is your background?
– I studied financial economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and worked in Amsterdam before starting here.

Why did you chose a career in investment banking?
– Investment banking is fast paced and you get to work with very smart people.

How would you describe working at Beringer Finance?
– Beringer Finance is focused on the future and how technology will shape it. Additionally, the corporate structure is relatively flat, dynamic, and innovative. It is an excellent place to work for ambitious people that want to shape the world.

Your research focus is ‘challenger’ financials, can you tell us a bit more about what made you chose that?
– It is a bit of a coincidence where you end up. However, it is a lot of exciting development going on in the financial industry these days with all the focus on the FinTech revolution. The companies and subsectors I research are at the forefront of disrupting their respective industries, which make my job a lot of fun.

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Sara Liljedal
Head of Communications