Looking for a career in investment banking?

November 25, 2016

Top Tips for a CV that Catches our Attention
We are in the middle of recruiting for several positions here at Beringer Finance as we continuously are on the lookout for new talents to build our future together with.
Here at our website we believe that you as a candidate get a good picture of who we are, but I also recommend you to keep an eye on our LinkedIn-profile.
We often say that we are looking for outstanding team members and recently we have been working on identifying exactly what that means to us and our recruitment process. It is important for us that our people rely on their strengths and insights to get the job done, have focus on seeking input and feedback from managers and colleagues and that they take initiatives. This at the same time as being social and good at building relationships. And we are happy that those are the qualities we see in our people today!

So, what are we looking for? Besides ambitious individuals that fit the description above we are looking for those who want to be a part of the journey we have a head of us, expanding globally and transforming investment banking (something you can read more about in my colleague Gisli’s blog here. We believe that as person you are self-driven, have a passion for business and take responsibility.

When looking at applications there are two things that help us in our search:

• A well-structured CV. With clear tag lines and descriptions of previous tasks. It makes it much easier for us to get an overview
• A well-structured cover letter, tell us why you have applied for the position as well as what makes you qualified. Also, add your academic record

Furthermore, we find that CVs that includes following things sticks out:

• A summary, explain in a few sentences who you are, and why you want to work with us
• Begin with your most recent job or education. Using reverse chronological order, we can immediately see your recent experience. Also, list your education last and highlight your work experience. Unless you just graduated, but then maybe you have experience from working extra or during summer that could be of value
• Provide a short description of the companies you have worked for. It is helpful for us to know the size of the company and a bit more about what they do. For example, being a Senior Associate at big consulting firm can be very different from being Senior Associate at a smaller firm.
• Stick to black and white and fonts that are easy to read
• Include a URL to your LinkedIn profile. That way we don’t have to guess or risk mistaking you for someone else
• We take for granted that you’ll state your references upon request. You don’t have to write that.

I hope that this have given you an idea of what we are looking for and how to reach out to us. I would also like to highlight that in the end it is the combination of grades, experience, personality, social skills, ability to solve problems and your potential to grow and learn as your career develops that will seal the deal. And bear in mind to stick to who you are and be yourself!

Please reach out to me on career@beringerfinance.com and keep an eye on our career page.

Sigridur Albertsdottir
Chief People Officer