Working for every girl's right to education

May 14, 2018

Last year Beringer Finance decided to support ‘From One to Another’, an organization working for every girl’s right to education. The organization aims to create communities in Kenya where women and girls can get support regarding education, health and entrepreneurship. By doing this, the women get possibilities to create a better life for themselves and their families.

It is always great to get updates from the girls we are supporting and we want to share some of their thoughts. The letters they send us are both to thank for the help they get, but also to practice their English and communication skills.

“In school I am doing better so that hard work can pay off. I like the subjects Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, English and Mathematics best.” Mary

“In our family we are six sisters and one brother. My parents are alive. We keep rabbits and chicken, and have a cat. In Kenya it has been raining so the environment is green and clean. The air is cool air and there is plenty of water everywhere.” Mjeni

“I hope you are fine. I am good and everything is going well. I take this opportunity to thank you for the sponsorship. Since you started your sponsorship I thank God that learning is going well, and my teachers are good”. Anjeline

“My favorable subjects are Business, Geography, History, English, Biology and Chemistry. We are 11 in our family, we are three daughters and one son. I am so happy that you are sponsoring me”. Jane

For more information on  ‘From one to Another’,  click here.