A little black book

August 14, 2017

The Norwegian consumer credit market is approaching an inflection point. The government has declared war on the industry and has officially joined the mass media’s crusade. The blitz was initiated when the authorities opened up three battlefronts in 2017; marketing restrictions, lending restrictions, and the new debt information act. The objective is to quell the lending growth, regardless of the cost. The government is fully committed and supported by zealots from several powerful media houses.

On the other side of the conflict stands a rag-tag group of industry disrupters, responsible for most of the growth in recent years, and a bunch of unenthusiastic full-service financial institutions. A serendipitous alliance that is just as likely to turn on each other as it is to present a resemblance of a unified front and strategy.

Against the overwhelming opposition, it seems inevitable that the industry is destined for defeat – resulting in diminished growth and, consequentially, margin pressure. Or is it?

We do not have all the answers, but we do have a unique overview over the Norwegian consumer credit market that we believe is valuable as a tool for our clients in their investment decision making process.  This ‘little black book’ is one of these tools. Use it to penetrate the fog of war and see the bigger picture.

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