Beringer Finance in partnership with Pier X

January 24, 2018

Pier X is an International Venture Hub and Collaborative Workspace where Capital, Competence and International Partners gather together to successfully build the next Norwegian Technology and Industry

Beringer Finance is an investment bank focused on technology with a long history as a trusted advisor within Corporate Finance and Capital Markets.

“With our combined experiences and knowledge of growing and scaling companies, we realize that access to long-term capital is one of the most important components for scale-up companies on their path to success. Because of this, we have entered into a partnership with Beringer Finance, an investment bank with focus and understanding for technology companies in the growth phase.” says Morten Wiese, Managing Partner at Pier X.

“With our focus on technology and growth companies, and in an effort to support the overall tech ecosystem, Pier X offers a collaborative environment where we get to interact with specialized growth companies and investors, “says Steinar Svalesen, director and TMT sector lead at Beringer Finance. Steinar Svalesen further states; “For 2018, Beringer Finance will continue to develop the relationship by supporting the portfolio of PierX growth companies as well as serving the needs of the the Pier X investor community.”

/The Beringer Finance Team