What's it like to participate in the Beringer Finance Internship Program?

September 18, 2017

Nikolai Wiencke was one of our interns this past summer, working at the Oslo office.  We asked Nikolai a couple of question, so those interested in what it was like can learn a bit more. 

Nikolai, how would you describe being an intern at Beringer Finance?
-In short: Challenging, exciting, fun and diversified. Being an intern in Beringer Finance’s equity research team has been a unique experience. I have done everything from market research to valuation and excel modelling and I really feel that I have gotten the opportunity to test my knowledge within finance after three years of studies. It has been the perfect place to (potentially) start a career within investment banking and it has most definitely made me want to continue to explore career opportunities within finance and investment banking.

Did the program meet your expectations?
-Yes. I expected to be both challenged and to get new insights into how the investment banking industry works. Something which I most definitely did. But most importantly I expected to be a part of an innovative and technology focused investment bank striving to disrupt the investment banking industry. And although, Beringer Finance is a well-established institution, my impression is that the drive and will to change is more similar to that of a start-up.

Do you have any tips for students applying for our internship that you would like to share?
-Think about how you can add value to the company when you write your application and show that you are passionate about standing out and driving change.

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Sara Liljedal