Interested in our internship program? Our CPO explains what we are looking for in our interns

September 27, 2017

Sigridur, as you are Beringer Finance’s Chief People Officer the internship program is something I know you feel strongly about, can you tell us a bit more about why?
– The internship program is really important for us since it is a way to get to know the talents of tomorrow. How they think and act so that we can adapt ourselves as an employer and create an attractive environment, not only today but also in the future. We know that our interns give us important input and challenge us to improve. The feedback last year’s interns provided the management team with has led to changes in the upcoming program which we believe both we as a company and the interns will benefit from. An internship program is also an excellent way to see if the interns fit our culture and demands, as well as letting the students get to know us better. That way we and the interns can evaluate if we see a good fit for the future. We are happy to have one of the interns from last summer starting as a full time analyst with us in January.

What are you looking for in an intern?
– We are looking for driven and ambitious students who are in their second or third year. We want individuals who are interested in learning and being part of a global investment bank focused on growth and technology. With us you will be able to get insight into deal making, meet clients and really make a difference. So we are looking for students who are curious, interested in technology and willing to contribute to the team and the company as a whole.

What sets the Beringer Finance internship program apart from other internship program
– I think that we can offer an insight into how it is to be part of a global investment bank and being a part of the daily life in one of our offices. For example, this summer the interns got to know how it is to work in investment bank in Palo Alto by visiting our team there. They got to visit start-ups and investors and got a feeling for the culture and what kind of cross border opportunities we are pursuing. This experience was something that, according to the interns, gave them a deeper understanding of how we work.

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